Reproducing Published Material from other Publishers

In order to reproduce any published material, for which the authors do not hold the copyright, such as figures, tables, schemes, photographs, etc., permission from the copyright holder must be obtained. It is the authors’ obligation to refer to the printed material in order to identify the copyright holder. The permission is also needed for the authors’ own material, in case they did not retain the copyright upon publishing the material by other publishers. On the other hand, the permission is not needed for reproducing tables, graphs, charts or schemes that the authors have already published elsewhere, provided the original source is properly cited. The same is valid for graphs, charts and schemes by other authors, provided those materials are not copied, but suitably reproduced by the authors.

Obtaining Permission

As obtaining permissions may take certain amount of time, it is strongly suggested to request the permissions to use the copyrighted material as early as possible. The copyright holder may provide instructions how to acknowledge the use of copyrighted material. Otherwise, a general acknowledgment form would be suitable for this purpose.