Efficient routing optimization with discrete penguins search algorithm for MTSP

Keywords: Multiple Travelling Salesman Problem, Metaheuristic, NP-Hard Combinatorial Optimization Problem, Penguins Search Optimization Algorithm, TSPLIB, Combinatorial Optimization Problem, NP-Hard


The Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a well-known combinatorial optimization problem that belongs to a class of problems known as NP-hard, which is an exceptional case of traveling salesman problem (TSP), which determines a set of routes enabling multiple salesmen to start at and return to home cities (depots). The penguins search optimization algorithm (PeSOA) is a new metaheuristic optimization algorithm. This paper presents a discrete penguins search optimization algorithm (PeSOA) for solving the multiple traveling salesman problem (MTSP). The PeSOA is evaluated by a set of benchmarks of TSP instances from TSPLIB library. The experimental results show that PeSOA is very efficient in finding the right solutions in a reasonable time.


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